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2008 Sep 16 2008

Disk error on boot linux

Sometimes it may happen that after a bad shutdown the computer, for whatever reason, when rebooting the system is an error and only shows the boot linux in single mode, then logically he applied the root password. This error may be due to an error in the disk or partition. Well one way to try to fix this is because once the password and single-mode type the following command at the command line:


which presents a report with the partition that has been affected by the error, once we have this information, to try to solve this type the following command:

e2fsck / dev / hd **

Taking into account that have been replaced by the ** for the partition number that you have returned the first command. The questions we ask for the second command to all who answered yes (YES). Once the order, type the command


To exit the session and finally reboot the computer with the following keyboard combination:

Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

And a greeting to another.

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2008 Apr 14 2008

Change Windows Xp boot screen

Many users like to customize your operating system with themes and colors. Now I propose this program with which you can customize the home screen or boot Windows XP operating system.

In this case it is a program provided free by the company Stardock, which is dedicated to creating programs for customizing the system, among them there is a specific program called Bootskin, which allows the boot screen . program to install and configure your home screen, you can follow these steps:

1o. Step: First it has to download the program BootSkin to do this you must access the website of the company Stardock, you have the link below:


Once you have accessed the link above, it shows you the page for the product in question, you'll see that there is a green button which says "download", or is a click on it and we are in a new page which provide us with different download links, the first is from
To access the press where we put bootskin download, or on the image displayed. Once you have clicked on this link, we are a new website which reflects the discharge of the program, well here you will see that there is again another download link that is called now ( "Download Now"), which begins to press Download the program. Then we download the program and save it in your computer.

2. Step: After downloading the program, is now proceeding with their installation, to perform this action, we look at the folder where we stored the downloaded file, in this case the program is called bootskin_free.exe, and did a double click on it to run and install the program.

3. Step: After installing the program, we have to run to access the Start button and System in the Start menu, click on the "All Programs", which will give us access to the menu of programs, look for this menu a submenu called "WinCustomize" By placing the tab appears on the program called BootSkin, you only have to make a click on it to run so we can change our splash screen.

4th. Step Two: Once implemented the program, it shows a series of startup screens you already have installed by default, screens are presented in a list format to change the screen or arraque start, we have only to select which we like and press the button to apply "Apply." Once you press the screen is set up automatically and the next boot and windows should appear.

5. Step: If you want more screens to access the file format you use this second program is the file extension ". Bootskin," a place from which to download these screens is deviantart, you have the link below:


when to enter the page of deviantart an easy way to find is that in the upper right hand placed on a search button "Search" box type in the word "bootskin" and click the Search button, a list screens that start when you click on that you like will give you the option of downloading it. Some of these screens already have the default format or extension. Bootskin ", others are compressed and the compressed file often results in several files inside but in this case that you have access to where the program is installed, usually in hard disk in the folder and program files within the latter in a subfolder called Stardock, in which you can find another folder called "WinCustomize," the latter appears to enter the folder for the program called "bootskin" and this is a subfolder called "skins" which are different startup screens installed. Here you only have to create a new folder and unzip it into the compressed file that we downloaded from deviantart.

A greeting and learn comfortably.

If you have any questions leave a few comments and explain to you.

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2008 Apr 09 2008

Remove warning windows pirata

If your system is connected to the internet, the Windows XP operating system performs the same automatic update, Internet downloads updates to your system is updated and protected from all the "holes" that can have the operating system. One of these packages are downloaded and installed is responsible for verifying that the system is original. Ie a copy that is not "unlawful", after installing the update with this package, if it detects that your system is not a legal copy, displays a series of messages, both as andalusia andalusia start and exit the system while running the same, these messages are a reminder that our system is not "legal" and might be guilty of an offense. If we remove these messages can be done using a small program that can be found on the internet, so do not bother the happy new messages. (Good! I remember that this article is for educational purposes only and that this site of course, always recommend the use of original software. 8O).

Well the next steps would be:

1o. Step: We need to download a program called RemoveWGA internet, the latest version is 1.2, from the page of the author and may not be downloaded, but it is easy to obtain via P2P programs, or used Google and typed as a string Search "removewga 1.2 download once download the program located on your computer.

2. Step Two: Then it has to run the program doing a double click with the left mouse button to run a dialog box in which he warns that we will proceed with the removal of notices. press the button to accept and confirm the operation.

3. Step: After waiting a short time, the program will confirm that we have made the necessary changes in our system and we are simply restart the system to check that our system is as before the messages appear.

A greeting and learn comodamente ¡¡¡

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2008 Feb 18 2008

Change Windows Xp Themes II

Good! in the previous comment, there is talk of installing uxtheme patch for the Windows operating system and thus be able to install new themes, then we will show how to download and install a new topic so that you can select the display properties using the operating system itself .

Step 1) We must first find and download files for the item you want to install, then you get some links that will allow you to view sites with themes (also called visual styles are "visual styles") and you can select the want to download:

These are just some of the sites where you can find items for your system, however you can always use google and searching for any of these concepts: visual styles, windows xp themes, xp visual styles, themes for windows, etc. ...

In my case I will select a topic from the site to do this go into the browser and click the site address. on the homepage of the site can be seen in the upper left side a button called "categories" (categories), clicking displays a menu which has the option of selecting Customization (Improvement), clicking on the option shows another menu in which we select the option Skins & Themes (Skins and Themes), clicking again will select the option that says Windows utilities (Utilities Windows) and finally select the option Visual Styles (Visual Styles). Clicking on this option will load a new page which presents the visual styles for windows posted to this site over the last 24 hours, to have more pressing issues to choose the option that says 1 month (1 months) or All Time (all), that show visual styles sent for 1 month or all. Pressing the page is reloaded and show us many more topics. In our case we sought and we will install a theme called Clearlooks Gummy, for doing this when we have located the preview of the theme we are interested click on it and we see a new page which is a preview issue bigger than the previous submission and in the upper left is a download link called download, simply make a click on the link and start the download, if for any reason there is a page of advertising deviantart we push to continue on the download link at the top right of the window called click here to continue to deviantart (click here to continue on deviantart) and immediately starts the download of the item as a compressed file. Since you asked us if we want to open or save this answer has been that we want to store or save the file to a folder on your computer.

Step 2) Once downloaded the file item rioja andalusia decompress in a folder and can see that there is a folder called gummy in which are the following files and folders: gummy.msstyles which corresponds to the file you want to install themes A folder called walls, which are the wallpapers for our desktop (wallpapers) and another folder called shell containing variations of color and shape on the original theme. Well as we need to copy the file gummy.msstyles in the Themes folder, found in the Resources folder and this in turn inside the folder on your hard disk where Windows is installed the system. We now also copy the folder Shell at the same site and with our theme this action should have been installed.

Step 3) in the performance of our new theme is installed, has access to display settings in the section of topics and well in the section on issues or in terms of appearance should appear in a new item called gummy andalusia select it and click on will change the look of the Windows operating system. If for any reason the item is not a possible solution is to go to the Themes folder where we installed the theme and make a double click on the file for the subject in this case gummy.msstyles, this will force windows to load of the item appearing on the display properties dialog box display, which will allow us to change the configuration of the item or accept the subject as it is loaded.

Step 4) Lastly we have simply select a wallpaper, in keeping with our theme, these are walls in the folder that we copied earlier, you must enter that folder and make a click with the right mouse button on the screen that we are interested in, a context menu which has the option to select Set as wallpaper. Remember that many subjects do not have to come accompanied by their corresponding backgrounds, in this case select the one you like more.

Well we finished!

If you have any comments please let us consult for all, thank you very much and best regards.

I remind you that you have our website free courses to learn about systems, programming and web programming.

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2008 Feb 18 2008

Change Windows Xp Themes I

The first trick is how you present the items to change in your windows xp. A theme is a graphical presentation of both the windows and the screen in most cases, the theme changes the colors and appearance of windows, this way you can customize the system to your tastes selected the theme of which there are available on the network.

It should be borne in mind that the Windows XP operating system, brings a series of default themes installed, two to be precise, the Windows Classic theme and the moon. If you want to install any new topic they have to acquire the company microsoft. but there is a possibility of using a "software" patch that allows the system of allocating items of windows and use what is called "unsigned themes. The program is called Uxtheme.dll. Good!, Having said that we will begin to see how you change a theme:

Step 1) Firstly, it has access to display properties of the operating system. to perform this action you can use any of the following methods:

  • Click on the Start button, then in the start menu select Control Panel called. Once opened the latter to perform a double click on the option called screen.
  • In one area of the desktop that this "clean", ie has not been clicking on an icon, click the right mouse button and the menu that appears select the option that says Properties.

Both cases present the dialog for the display settings of the system to provide more or less the following:


Step 2) As shown in the picture above, the first tab that shows the dialog is the option of "Themes", which is a list where you can select the item to use, for example, we to change the theme to Windows Classic to do this, click on the button with the arrow in the list of items to be presented as shown in the picture below:

list of topics

Pressing the button displays the list items appear that you have installed on your computer, including a listed theme "Windows Classic", and may press on the watch called the Display option, this would be viewed as theme in his presentation. Then simply press the OK button, so the issue is fixed and you can check and change the system. To return to the subject repeat the steps mentioned earlier and this time select the item called "Windows XP", which will come back to leave his team as it was, because the default theme is this.

However, the problem that we mentioned before on the issues we have here, because Windows does not select any other item that is not signed by the company to avoid this situation we have to download and install a program called NeoWin UXTheme Multi-Patch v5.0, when you click on this link shows the page to download the program, which we lose our team, this is the last version but there are other versions for specific systems with SP1 installed and no service pack for Sp2, it is assumed that this release is for any version, see how it is installed.

Step 3) Once downloaded, the file is decompressed using a decompressor same as Winzip or Winrar, the result is a file named UXTheme Multi-Patch 5.5.exe, on which we perform a double click to run it. andalusia run the following screen appears:

uxtheme image program

Where in perfect English, "comes to mean something like the program used to patch Windows XP SP1, SP2 and Windows 2003 in both x86 and x64 versions. on this screen is simply done by clicking on the button that says Patch (patch), and is presented in another display window in which we reported on the operating system that we installed on our computer, as shown in the following image:

second capture uxtheme

In this window we simply click on the button. Andalusia click on the button displays the following dialog box:

warning system

This dialog is a warning that the operating system detected that the program tries to change a dll that uses a different windows that we install ourselves. It has to click on the Cancel button, which will allow the installation of the dll that the program wants to install. It is very possible that this step or the previous presentation of the appearance of your windows has changed, do not worry about this. The next dialog box that presents the program is as follows:

dialog uxtheme

The dialog box simply asks that we confirm that the update that installs the dll program to patch the system, in this dialog box has to be yes. Once the button is presented on screen this other image:

confirmation uxtheme

in which we are asked to wait a little while the program performs the corresponding patch of the operating system, but also tells us that when you have finished patching the system, we will ask to restart the computer, has been pressing the Ok button to continue . andalusia Ok button, it displays the following dialog box:

reboot system

They must make a click on the OK button to complete the installation of the patch and the system reset. Once you have restarted the system and can download and install unsigned themes on our team.

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